Having watched my fair share of streams during the Valorant closed beta, I’ll be comparing some of the differences and similarities between the two games. Mainly looking at the mechanics of the game, the maps and the classes and their utility/ability usage. Having not actually played the game yet, these are just my opinions based on observations.

The gun mechanics share a lot of similarities with CS:GO, with the spray patterns looking easily recognizable for all CS:GO players. It does look slightly easier to control though and things like penalties for moving and shooting, do not look to be quite…

The genre of fast paced, arena type FPS games exist in a corner of esports that hasn’t really taken off since the earlier days of Quake. Diabotical is a free-to-play game that recently concluded its closed beta, for which I had an opportunity to play and will share my thoughts on the game so far.

Astralis recently announced that they have signed Patrick “es3tag” Hansen as a 6th player on their CS:GO roster. Different teams might try to utilize an extra player on their roster for different reasons, depending on their situation, but broadly speaking these reasons can be split into two main categories. The first being that they believe that they can create a roster of six players that will be able to perform better across the map pool than they would be able to with five players. …

Richard Ellis Brown

Sharing my thoughts on esports, with a particular focus on CS:GO.

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